Deals for humans


15% off one-hour airboat tours
$8 Gator Park admission for adults
$6 Gator Park admission for children

$24 Drive-thru Safari Park admission for adults
$19 Drive-thru Safari Park admission for children


15% off all airboat tours and experiences
50% off Gator Park admission

(Four-person max, discount can be redeemed by booking over the phone or being refunded with proof of membership upon check-in. Combos and Half-Day Adventures are excluded.)

FHIA (Florida Hospitality industry association) DEALS

Free 30 minute airboat tour for members
50% off Gator Park admission

(Three person max)


10% off Gator Park admission and one-hour airboat tours

(Discount can be redeemed by booking over the phone or being refunded with proof of membership upon check-in.)

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wild florida map

Wild florida map legend

  1. Gift Shop & Airboat Check-In
  2. Chomp House Grill
  3. Cypress Ballroom
  4. Gator Pavillion
  5. Gator Park Entrance
  6. Recreational Area
  7. Macaw Aviary
  1. Hawk Swamp Entrance
  2. Crocodile Exhibit
  3. Florida Panther Exhibit
  4. Albino Alligator Exhibit
  5. The Crusher Show
  6. Snack Gazebo & Fluffy Pictures
  7. Walk-In Bird Aviary
  1. Exotic Animal Show
  2. Kids Playground
  3. Gator Feeding Show
  4. Exotic Bird Exhibit
  5. Native Florida Species
  6. Venomous Snakes
  7. Petting Zoo
  8. Sloth Exhibit
  1. Encounter Meeting Point
  2. Gator Bridge
  3. Restroom
  4. Exotic Animal Species
  5. Exotic Animal Species
  6. Exotic Animal Species
  7. Park Exit
  8. Drive-Thru Safari Entrance
  9. Giraffe Feeding Platform

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