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our famous Two-toed Sloth

Hi there! I'm Walter, the towering giant of Wild Florida's giraffe family. As the third giraffe to join this wild family, I've become a familiar face, easily spotted from your car as you journey through the Drive-thru Safari. It's a pretty sweet deal being the tallest guy in the park, and I can't wait to meet you on your next safari adventure!

“Hello! My name is Sebastian, the ring-tailed lemur with a flair for the dramatic and a swing in my step! I'm eight years old and easily recognizable by my unique Hershey kiss-shaped eyebrow marking. I spend my days mastering the art of balance on my favorite toy, the swing. When I'm not lounging on the swing, I indulge in my all-time favorite snack, craisins. Life's a swing, and I'm here to enjoy every moment of it. So, come along, why don't you? Let's bask in the sun, savor the little joys, and maybe share a craisin or two. Welcome to my world!"

“Hi guys! I'm Stella, and I am an African crested porcupine that lives at Wild Florida! I have been at Wild Florida for four years. One of my good friends is Green Bean, an African Pied Hornbill that lives with me. I hope to meet you in person one day, and don’t worry; I don’t poke you with my quills!”

“Hello there! We’re Snowflake and Blizzard, and we’re both albino alligators that live at Wild Florida. We’re originally from St. Augustine, but Wild Florida is our home now. Because we’re fully albino, we spend a lot of our time in the shade or swimming to keep cool, but we’d love to meet you during your visit!”

“Hiya! My name is Nala, and I’m the official Florida panther ambassador for Wild Florida. While I enjoy taking a few cat naps throughout the day, I spend most of the day playing with the Wild Florida family or swimming in my very own pool. You should see how high I can jump when I’m trying to catch my favorite enrichment toys. Hope to see you soon!”

Hi there! My name is Yeti, I was born at Wild Florida, and my parents are Snowflake and Blizzard. I like to spend time in the shade and keep cool in the pool.

“Hello! My name is Crusher, and I’m actually the biggest alligator here at Wild Florida and in Osceola County! I’ve lived at Wild Florida seven years and actually have my own exhibit you can visit. It’s pretty hot in Florida, so I spend most of my days keeping cool in my pool, but I’d love to have lunch with you sometime!🍴”

“Hi there! My name is Guy, and I’m one of the two-toed sloths that live at Wild Florida. While I spend most of my days sleeping, I typically spend time with Chloe. However, I do get to hang out with guests that visit. Maybe we can split a cob of corn when you stop by! Hope to see you soon!”

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About Walter

Walter was the third giraffe to join our Wild Florida family and is the tallest animal and giraffe at Wild Florida, officially standing at 17 feet tall. You can usually find him easily from your car if you’re cruising through the Drive-thru Safari or on top of our giraffe feeding platform. From there, people can experience a unique giraffe encounter, seeing Walter and his friends up close and feeding them lettuce.

Age: Eight years old
Unique characteristic: Along with being the biggest giraffe at Wild Florida, he also has the darkest spots due to his maturity.
Favorite enrichment toys: Hats or toys that he can scratch his ossicones (giraffe horns) on.
Favorite snack: Carrots

Giraffe Conservation

Conservation Status: Endangered

Since October 2020, Wild Florida has offered a Giraffe Painting Experience, an exclusive and one-of-a-kind giraffe encounter with our reticulated giraffe family. While the Giraffe Painting Experience makes dreams come true for guests, a portion of funds raised by the encounter will be donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to help their efforts in the preservation and conservation of giraffes.

About Sebastian

Sebastian is our in house gymnast. He can often be found on his swing or munching on his favorite snack, craisins.

Age: Eight years old
Unique characteristic: Sebastian has a prominent Hershey kiss-shaped eyebrow marking
Favorite enrichment toys: Mastering his acrobatic skills on the swing
Favorite snack: Craisins

Ring-tailed Lemur Conservation

Conservation status: Endangered

Through our ring-tailed lemur encounter we are teaching future generations about this fun-loving species. We strive to teach guests how to care for the wildlife and environment around them to help protect animals like Sebastian in the future. When you are close enough to care, you are close enough to act.

About Stella

Stella can be found sleeping most of the time as porcupines are nocturnal. Stella is an amazing animal that help our guests overcome the fear and misconceptions associated with porcupines. We are continually surprised by how cuddly and playful she is when interacting with the trainers.

Age: Stella is five years old
Unique characteristic: Stella is calm and relaxed
Favorite enrichment toys: Cardboard boxes to shred
Favorite snack: Peanuts

African Crested Porcupine Conservation

Conservation Status: Least concern

About Snowflake and Blizzard

In May 2017, Wild Florida acquired Blizzard and Snowflake who became the first pair of breeding albino alligators in Central Florida and one of the few places in the world where visitors can see these rare animals. Originally from the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, these two give visitors from around the world a unique opportunity to not only learn more about alligators but also the special care that goes into housing an albino species.

Due to the lack of melanin this species produces, their skin is completely white and sensitive to the sunlight, so our team built a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled exhibit with plenty of shade and a heating lamp to keep them comfortable in their new home.

Age: Blizzard is 12 years old and Snowflake is 23 years old
Unique characteristic: One of the easiest ways to tell Blizzard and Snowflake apart is just by looking at their size. Blizzard, the male alligator, is about 10 feet long and Snowflake is about 8 feet long. You can also tell them apart by looking at their eyes. Blizzard’s eyes are both an opaque white, similar to the color of milk. However, Snowflake’s right eye is opaque white and her left eye has two red birthmarks.
Favorite enrichment toys: Diving for treats on the bottom of their pool
Favorite snack: Chicken

About Nala

Nala joined the Wild Florida family when she was four-months-old in August 2017 from an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited facility in Texas which prides itself on its dedication to the preservation of big cats and other endangered animals. Nala’s mother couldn’t provide for her, so we had to raise her by hand.  Before Nala moved in, our team built a custom exhibit featuring a water pool and elevated platforms among native foliage for Nala to have the most comfortable and natural home.

Now that she’s fully grown, our trainers work with Nala every day in daily enrichment activities that keep her physically and mentally active. Along with keeping Nala mentally stimulated, these activities mimic natural behaviors she’d perform in the wild.

Age: Three years old
Unique characteristic: She has a white patch of fur on her left shoulder
Favorite enrichment toys: Stuffed animals to shred and plastic balls
Favorite snack: Raw chicken breast

Florida Panther Conservation

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Everyone who visits Wild Florida has the opportunity to help save the endangered Florida panther. After each airboat ride, our guests can participate in a hands-on gator show where they learn more about the American alligator. During the show, guests can even hold and take a photo with one of our friendly live gators. Since the American alligator no longer needs human intervention to survive, Wild Florida has committed to donate a percentage of our alligator picture proceeds to The Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge (FFPR).

We are excited to partner with The Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge and support their efforts to protect and conserve this amazing animal. FFPR is the official support organization working hand in hand with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to create and promote a better understanding and appreciation of the Florida panther. Their mission is to be an active advocate and supporter of this endangered species. Wild Florida is proud to help support and improve the status of the approximately 100 Florida panthers remaining in the wild today. By purchasing alligator pictures, you are giving back and helping bring the Florida panther out of endangerment. Please join with us in saving our beautiful Florida panthers.

About Yeti

After years of failed attempts to produce offspring by albino alligator parents Blizzard and Snowflake, Wild Florida was blessed with a snowstorm of albino baby gators in 2020. From a clutch of 26 eggs, Yeti has become a superstar along with his three siblings. They are the World’s Only albino gators hatched at a facility open to the public. Wild Florida’s mission is to help people make a connection with animals. We hope Yeti makes you say WOW and encourages a new level of interest in these beautiful animals. Yeti shines a different light on alligators and other crocodilians by inspiring people to see them as more than monstrous eating machines to be feared by all.

By sharing Yeti with the world, Wild Florida aims to convert our fear of alligators into awe, respect, and adoration for one of nature’s most incredible animals. When people become more familiar with alligators, it increases their awareness and desire to help their conservation. We agree with naturalist Baba Dioum who said, “In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we have been taught.”

Age: 2 years old
Favorite snack:
Mice and chicks

About Crusher

Crusher was a rescue alligator brought to us from a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) licensed trapper in the SNAP program. If we hadn’t brought Crusher and found him a home at Wild Florida then he would have been euthanized according to Florida state law. Crusher is a very special and unique gator. He has become highly trained and shows strong intelligence. Being able to work with him is an honor!

Age: Over 65 years old
Unique characteristic: Over 13 feet long and in his own exhibit
Favorite enrichment toys: Pumpkins and watermelons
Favorite snack: Chicken

American Alligator Conservation

Conservation Status: Least concern

About Guy

Guy was the first sloth to join our Wild Florida family and will always hold a special place in our hearts. You can usually find him catching some ZzZ’s in his favorite clay pot or munching on some corn on the cob!

Age: Eight years old
Unique characteristic: His fur is much darker than the other two-toed sloths at Wild Florida
Favorite enrichment toys: A clay pot that he loves to cozy up and nap in
Favorite snack: Corn

Two-toed Sloth Conservation

Conservation Status: Least concern

Charities supported by Wild Florida: Since August 7th, 2017, Wild Florida has offered a VIP Sloth Experience, an exclusive and one-of-a-kind animal encounter with some of our two-toed sloth family members. While the VIP Sloth Experience makes dreams come true for guests, a portion of funds raised by the VIP Sloth Experience will be donated to the APC Panama to help their efforts in the preservation and conservation.

Two-toed Sloth “Fast Facts”

Habitat: Tropical rainforests in South America

Length: 23 to 27 inches

Weight: 13 to 20 pounds

Lifespan: Average 15 to 20 years in the wild and can be over 30 years in human care

Gestation: Ten to eleven months

Diet: Leaves, twigs, flowers and occasionally fruit

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