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15% off one-hour airboat tours
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15% off all airboat tours and experiences
50% off Gator Park admission

(Four-person max, discount can be redeemed by booking over the phone or being refunded with proof of membership upon check-in. Combos and Half-Day Adventures are excluded.)

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50% off Gator Park admission

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Here at Wild Florida, we know a thing or two when it comes to the wild fun. From riding an airboat through the headwaters of the Florida Everglades to walking and interacting with animals in immersive environments to cruising in your car through our Drive-thru Safari Park, there is no limit to the type of adventure you can have at our place.

ride on an airboat tour

When wondering about places to see alligators, our Everglades airboat tours provide a unique experience of seeing Florida’s native wildlife and foliage up close. Our Orlando airboat tours are a great way to experience Central Florida from a fresh perspective with a guided tour that will give you a chance to trek through pristine, untouched natural landscape that’s home to a number of animals and plants that make up the Florida Everglades ecosystem.

Whether you’re visiting the Sunshine State for the first time or the 20th, every family has a certain schedule they’re trying to stick with. To give every family an opportunity to explore Wild Florida, we offer a variety of Everglades airboat rides that range from half-hour to one hour. We also offer private night and day Florida airboat tours if you’re looking for a more personal experience with just your friends and family on your airboat adventure.

take a ride on the wild side

walk through our gator park

Since 2010, our goal has been to provide an unforgettable Everglades experience that promotes a connection with animals while inspiring education and conservation.

Inside our Gator Park, you and your family will be able to get up close and personal with more than 200 native and exotic animals! Take your time exploring the interesting habitats and heritage of our animals to get an inside look at how they live every day. Walk into our Bird Aviary and feed parakeets, parrots, and other exotic pheasants their favorite treats. Visit our Petting Zoo and make new furry friends, big and small, like Juniper and Birch, our pigs who love to bathe in their pool and receive all the pets. Grab a rod and go Gator Fishing! Well, not technically but our gators will be grateful for you to feed them their favorite treats using one of our gator rods. If you ever need to cool off and take a break during your visit, you can watch our Crusher Show, Gator Feeding Show or Exotic Animal Show to learn some wild animal facts!

At Wild Florida, we offer a variety of unique animal encounters inside our Gator Park like our sloth encounter, porcupine encounter, and capybara encounter that allow you to get up close and personal with our animals inside their exhibit. All of our animal encounters have unique activities that cater to the animals’ natural behavior and help keep their mind stimulated. You can take your painting skills to new heights with Walter during our Giraffe Painting Experience. You can even move it, move it with our ring-tailed lemur friends and snap selfies that will give you the most-liked photo on Instagram.

Each animal encounter includes admission to our Gator Park and guarantees that you’ll leave Wild Florida with a grin on your face with memories that will last a lifetime… or at least until your next visit to Wild Florida!

take a walk on the wild side

drive through our safari park

Some road trips take you across the country, but ours will take you across continents.

Buckle up for your wildest car ride yet! Travel down gravel paths within our Drive-thru Safari Park and discover more than 150 native and exotic animals roaming freely. During your journey in this drive-thru wildlife park, you’ll have the opportunity to observe a variety of animals often only found around the world.

Enjoy identifying species from as far away as the African savanna to others from the deciduous forests of North America, all from the comfort of your own car.

This safari tour expands across 170 acres of untouched scenic landscapes, our wildlife and safari park presents a unique opportunity to bring you up close and personal with wild animals such as giraffes, zebra, eland antelope, scimitar oryx, American bison, mouflon sheep, and more! As you travel down our four-mile “unbeaten path,” you and your family can enjoy an exploration just feet away from animals you normally only see on TV.

After taking the wildest drive with your family, take your adventure to new heights and feed our giraffe friends on our elevated giraffe feeding platform.

take a drive on the wild side

At Wild Florida, there are a variety of things you can do that everyone in your family will enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a full day or half-day adventure, our experiences can accommodate any schedule to make sure you can Ride, Walk, or Drive the real wild Florida. Plan your wild adventure today for you and your family online or by calling our reservation team locally at 407-957-3135 or our toll-free number at 1-866-532-7167.

plan your wild adventure today