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15% off one-hour airboat tours
$8 Gator Park admission for adults
$6 Gator Park admission for children

$24 Drive-thru Safari Park admission for adults
$19 Drive-thru Safari Park admission for children


15% off all airboat tours and experiences
50% off Gator Park admission

(Four-person max, discount can be redeemed by booking over the phone or being refunded with proof of membership upon check-in. Combos and Half-Day Adventures are excluded.)

FHIA (Florida Hospitality industry association) DEALS

Free 30 minute airboat tour for members
50% off Gator Park admission

(Three person max)


10% off Gator Park admission and one-hour airboat tours

(Discount can be redeemed by booking over the phone or being refunded with proof of membership upon check-in.)

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Sloth Days 2023



From Friday, October 20 to Saturday, October 21, we’ll be hosting Sloth Days packed with fun for you and your family.

Sloths are easily recognized for being the slowest (and cutest) species in the animal kingdom. And, there are a ton of other interesting facts about sloths that might make you fall more in love. Because of the love people have for sloths and our mission to build a connection between people and their environment, we decided to dedicate a few days to celebrating sloths through live demonstrations, interactive experiences and other sloth-related activities.

Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram channels for other fun surprises!


$10 off Sloth Encounter

Ever want to be up close and personal with our sleepy pals? Well… here’s your chance! While booking in-person, over the phone, or online, just mention or use the code SLOTHDAYS to receive $10 off our regular sloth encounter, only available during Sloth Days.

During your sloth encounter, you can interact with our sloths in their environment, where you can snag a quick #slothie to share all the fun you’re having with your friends. As a bonus, you will even get free admission to our Gator Park.

Proceeds donated to APPC Panama

The Panamerican Conservation Association is Panama’s leader in Sloth rescues. They care for sick, injured and orphaned animals. Wild Florida loves to support causes that provide to our wildlife which is why a percentage of the proceeds will go to APPC Panama and their continued efforts.

Free corn on the cob at Chomp House Grill

If you really want to feel like a sloth, visit our Chomp House Grill for free corn on the cob. Fun fact, this is our two-toed friends’ favorite treat!

Surprise sloth pop-ups

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for sights of our furry friends. They will make special appearances around our Gator Park to celebrate their special day.

October 20 – Happy Sloth Day!

Hang out with us on the official Sloth Day! Take some awesome #slothies during a sloth encounter, then grab a bite to eat at the Chomp House Grill, and pick up your free corn on the cob! You and your family can even hang out at the Recreation Area in the Gator Park to test your own sloth skills.

Sloth Days will be full of family-fun, sloth-related activities you and your kids will love. But keep the fun going and let the adventure continue! Make the most of your adventure by grabbing lunch at the Chomp House Grill, taking a ride through an animal’s habitat in our Drive-Thru Safari, or exploring the headwaters of the Everglades on an Airboat Tour! Click the link below to start planning your adventure with us!

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