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15% off one-hour airboat tours
$8 Gator Park admission for adults
$6 Gator Park admission for children

$24 Drive-thru Safari Park admission for adults
$19 Drive-thru Safari Park admission for children


15% off all airboat tours and experiences
50% off Gator Park admission

(Four-person max, discount can be redeemed by booking over the phone or being refunded with proof of membership upon check-in. Combos and Half-Day Adventures are excluded.)

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50% off Gator Park admission

(Four person max)


10% off Gator Park admission and one-hour airboat tours

(Discount can be redeemed by booking over the phone or being refunded with proof of membership upon check-in.)

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Embark on a wild adventure through the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades at Wild Florida!

Encounter over 200 native and exotic animals, savor unique swamp delicacies at the Chomp House Grill, and engage with captivating creatures in interactive encounters. Uncover the untouched beauty of pristine marshland on a U.S. Coast Guard certified airboat, spotting magnificent wildlife like eagles, alligators, and more.

about wild florida
animals LIKE you've never seen them before

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What are they saying?

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We couldn't have been happier with the sloth encounter that my daughter went to. She is still smiling days later.

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Greg Noonan
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This place is so awesome and gets better and better every year. Just did the reptile and porcupine animal experiences and it was unbelievable!!

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Jason H.
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The drive through park was awesome. You could stay in your car and be comfortable and really get a close up view of the animals.

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emona newbold
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Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park is an absolutely amazing experience for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors and get up close and personal with nature. The airboat rides are thrilling and provide an opportunity to see some of Florida's most beautiful and unique landscapes.

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