Gator Week


Join us for Gator Week!

May 27 – June 1, 2024

It’s no secret we know a thing or two about alligators. To share this knowledge and passion with our visitors, our team at Wild Florida will host a one-of-a-kind event centered around one of Florida’s most recognizable, yet misunderstood animals… the American alligator!

To many, alligators are simply fierce carnivores on the hunt, but that’s not actually the case. Like many misunderstood creatures, myths develop based on a lack of knowledge. Because of this, we decided to dedicate an entire week to educating and debunking many common myths surrounding these reptiles, along with some of their reptile cousins, through live demonstrations and interactive experiences. There will be plenty of fun photo-ops and guest appearances made by some popular inhabitants of our Gator Park

The best part is everyone who makes a small cash donation to the Wild Florida Scholarship Fund will receive FREE admission to our Gator Park during Gator Week! Bills donated will help graduating Osceola County high school seniors pay for college. Join us May 27 - June 1, 2024, for Gator Week, where you and your family can enjoy a week full of gator-themed activities and demonstrations. Check out our schedule below to plan your trip!

Our mission

To promote education, conservation and eliminate detrimental myths about alligators.

Gator Week Schedule

Gator Call Competition – At 2:15 PM, our Exotic Animal Show segments will focus on different types of crocodilians. For instance, we will bring out a Nile, caiman, albino, and regular American alligator.  Learn the cues our Croc Squads use to train our gators' new behaviors. These only work on our Wild Florida gators, so do not try this in your own backyard. The winner will receive a Wild Florida goodie bag filled with tickets, stickers, and more! 

Feeding Frenzy – We all have our favorite foods, but what about alligators? We’re going inside our Gator Pond to find out what the alligator’s favorite food is during our feeding show at 11:30 AM and see what type of food makes our gators really jump. We’ll also demonstrate the power behind an alligator’s bite by watching them crush melons!

Exotic Animal Show – Our Exotic Animal Show allows guests to meet some exotic animals up close like never before. Stick around for the 2:15 PM show to meet a special wild guest!

Donations made will go to the Wild Florida Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to graduating Osceola County high school seniors!

*Must show proof of donation at check-in to receive park admission.

Monday, May 27

Check out our daily schedule to see what fun things are happening today!

Tuesday, may 28

Rock your Crocs! - Wear your Crocs on Thursday and receive FREE chow for our alligators and crocodiles. All you have to do is show off your cool kicks at the gazebo in the Gator Park to get your chow. Also, be sure to strut your Crocs to our Croc Squad and say hi!

wednesday, may 29

National Alligator Day - Calling all Gators! Wild Florida welcomes University of Florida students and alumni to celebrate National Alligator Day. Be sure to wear your best orange and blue to show your pride and hang out with the coolest gators around. (No free offer or discount offered)

Gator Trivia - Think you know everything about gators and crocs? Our Croc Squad will be the judge of that! Join us in the Cypress Ballroom at 1 pm for Gator Trivia to put your knowledge to the test. The winning family will earn the coolest prize!

thursday, May 30

Gator Slushie Drinking Contest – Unleash your inner gator with our Gator Slushie Drinking Contest! Meet our team at the Gator Pavilion at lunchtime to go head-to-head with other participants as you compete to see who can drink a green slushie the fastest WITHOUT using your hands! This activity is for any gator lover age 8 and up. The winner will receive a Wild Florida-themed prize! 

friday, May 31

Jump-Like-A-Gator Competition – People often think alligators can only hunt for food that happens to go for a swim, but their powerful tails can help propel half of their body out of the water and into the air! Meet our team in our Gator Pavilion during lunchtime to see what it’s like to jump for your food like an alligator and the highest jumper will receive a Wild Florida-themed prize! 

saturday, June 1

Meet Slater the Gator with K92 -  Our friends over at K92 love gators as much as we do, so stop by to say “hi” to your friends at K92 and meet Slater the Gator!

Check out our daily schedule to see what fun things are happening today!

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Wild Florida cares Scholarship fund

Help us reach our goal this year by donating to the Wild Florida Cares Scholarship Fund, which is dedicated to supporting the educational goals of Osceola County graduating high school seniors and will help these students further their education.

As a token of appreciation, anyone who makes a small cash donation will receive free admission to the gator park, allowing them to enjoy a day of fun while making a meaningful impact on the community.

Donations can be made until the last day of Gator Week, June 1st.

what to expect at gator week

Alligator Myth DEBUNKED

Alligators CAN bite underwater!

If you live in Florida (or anywhere that has alligators, really), you’ve probably heard your fair share of “foolproof” ways to scare off or escape from alligators, by running in a zigzag pattern, etc. We’re not sure who started these myths, but one is if you dive underwater, an alligator won’t bite you…

This is completely false. Don’t believe us? Check out our YouTube video to watch the Wild Florida team test the myth for ourselves!

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